Eco - vehicles + adrenalines traveling

Ecological vehicles, hotmelt, mechanical design, development, production


Eco - vehicles + adrenalines traveling

Welcome on pages paying attention to Eco - vehicles,

It means cars, planes, ships, airships, submarines, …

ecological ( mass, aerodynamic, hydrodynamic,

material or optimum ) constructions

driven ecologically ( by people, animals, electricity ) .


Julius Werne, 30 years of plane, ship and rocket modelling, graduation

in the plane constructor branch and my adventurous, nature nad technique

devoted character made me a propagator of these means of transport

– the more awfull and ecological the better... .

Planes, airships or submarines in an ecological variant belong to a group

of mad but also expensive projects.

Ships and vehicles are rather less universal means of transport for me

and so I prefer amphibious vehicles especially driven by people. It is because

of the price, reliability, simplicity of repair, ecology or pleasant effect on our

health and mental condition.


Imagine the romantic situation – walking to the Adriatic, floating to water,

watching the undersea world or just only swinging in your ,,argosy,,

watching sea-gulls on the sky … .


If you want to experience ,,real,, travelling and do not want to be a puppet

of travelling agencies or consumer stereotype or if you want to do something

more for your body, nature or if you want make any eco-vehicle for you, do not

hesitate and contact me with your order. You can also choose from my offer.


Of course, I am not against sponsor gifts 

Thanks a lot by this to present sponsors.

                                               M.Eng David Buchwaldek